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Keynote 1

"The Internet vs. Humanity" is an interweaving of 9 years of digital/social media expertise and poetic storytelling. A talk on how the forces that shape our digital world are steering the future of our species, and how we can build technology that enhances our humanity.

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Keynote 2

"What I Wish I'd Learned In College" is a poetic speech on the topics that Max looked wished he'd known before graduating from college.  Ranging from surviving the monotony of entry-level jobs, to how porn affects our sex lives, to how to develop a healthy relationship with social media throughout your 20's (while everyone is getting married and promoted).



Max performs between 5 and 60 minute sets of spoken word on a variety of topics.


Max provides a brief overview and creates the space for the group to tap into their own creativity. Workshops range from 60 - 120 minutes and are flexible in number of participants.

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