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Keynote 1

"The Internet vs. Humanity" is an interweaving of 9 years of digital/social media expertise and poetic storytelling. A talk on how the forces that shape our digital world are steering the future of our species, and how we can build technology that enhances our humanity.

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Keynote 2

"What I Wish I'd Learned In College" is a poetic speech on the topics that Max wished he'd known before graduating from college.  Ranging from surviving the monotony of entry-level jobs, to how porn affects our sex lives, to how to develop a healthy relationship with social media throughout your 20's (while everyone is getting married and promoted).


Keynote 3

"Education in The Age of Distraction" is a speech designed for educators, parents, and distracted students. Max illustrates some of the specific ways technology is designed to be addictive & distracting, highlights how that's impacting our minds, gives an overview of how students are using social media, and gives recommendations on how to improve focus and diminish distraction in learning environments. 


Max performs between 5 and 60 minute sets of spoken word on a variety of topics. He has performed at Lincoln Center, Summit Series, TEDx, Google, all across the United States, and on 4 continents.



Max provides a brief overview and creates the space for the group to tap into their own creativity. Workshops range from 60 - 120 minutes and are flexible in number of participants.

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