1. Subway Love: Subway Love was Max's first poetry video, and was an immediate viral success. It was the winner of the Gold Coast International Film Festival, featured by the majority of major media publications, and in written about 12 different languages.

2. Stop Making Murderers Famous: This video went immediately viral and was staff picked as well, reaching 5,000,000 views on Facebook alone in about a week. It's at the center of a movement demanding national media organizations take responsibility for the contagion effect around mass shootings (Independent research conducted at Arizona State University found "that killings that receive national or international media attention do indeed inspire similar events a significant fraction of the time.) 

Max is currently working with several top digital media organizations to enact a policy on how to responsibly tell the stories of these incidents. More on the research and policy at

3. This Panda Is Dancing: This video makes for 3/3 staff picks and widely shared videos, with about 400,000 views so far (it's been a little over a week as of this writing). What if technology were designed to help us live by our values?